Friday, June 4, 2010

Only a few miles this week.

The training hasn't gone so well these last few days! I did get out on Monday and went for a nine mile walk but things have gone downhill since then. I had planned to go out for a walk each day but for various reasons, things have got in the way and the training hasn't materialised. It was school sports day yesterday and I thought that at least I could get some much needed training in the ultra competitive dads race but alas my son was ill and I stayed at home with him instead.

Never mind, I'm sure the break has done some good and I have plans for a long walk in the morning. Probably the last long one before the big day with only 3 weeks to go.


  1. wow only 3 weeks to go!! how exciting. I wouldnt worry you've put in all the hard graft, just keep yourself ticking over till the big day i reckon:)
    how are you all, not seen you guys for ages!! has sally lost her mobile or something, or just avoiding me:)
    hope things aren't too crazy for you with the TT and all. If you need someone extra to do a shift on the event day, let me know as i'd be glad to help, if not i'll there supporting anyway...x

  2. Cheers! We are all fine. Looks like the house is progressing well. Come and give me a shout as I toil up the sloc on the big day!!