Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Get down the beer tent for race advice!

I went for a 21 mile walk on Saturday morning with Richard Gerrard. We set off at 7 am and I think that is probably my earliest training walk to date! We headed around the TT course, before the roads closed, to the Cronk Y Voddy straight and then back via Little London and Injebreek to Douglas. For the first time in training, spectators had come out to sit and watch how our training was going. There were quite a few spectators by Glen Helen although they could have been a bit more encouraging - they seemed more interested in the passing bikes. Anyhow, it was good to walk a consistent pace as when I have done that route previously, I have set off fast and then slowed right down.

I went to see Ian Brown at the Villa on Saturday night and bumped into fellow Parish Walkers Ed Walter and his team mate to exchange a few training tips by the bar. It sounds like their training is going well.

I have only been out far one more walk since Saturday which was a 6 mile walk yesterday. Hopefully I can get out again tomorrow and do 8 or 9 miles and then the same on Friday with any luck. I made my way down to the Bushy's beer tent last night to check out the entertainment on the prom. I bumped into my team mate Vinny Lynch by the bar and he gave me some sound advice for the day. I think he was going to give me more hints and tips but we were rudely interrupted by the wet T shirt competition. Might have to go down to the tent around the same time tonight for some more advice.


  1. Most disappointed that 2 of my team mates are propping bars up in TT week !!

  2. Sorry Dave, should have texted you to get you down for a few beers and talk team tactics!