Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cut your toe nails

Right. It's just under 4 days to go to the Parish according to my countdown timer. The winding down has gone so well the last few days and I'm so laid back I'm almost horizontal. I thought that I had better have a look at the Parish website to check out the advice and instructions and came across this bit of advice 'Write a list well ahead of time. Have your kit/equipment ready early so that you can be happy in the knowledge that everything is there and ready for use.' Ok so the training has gone well so far but the last minute preparation is non existant. So far I have got vaseline and plasters - sounds more like preparation for homestay with Boy George for the Bay Festival than preparation for the Parish Walk! So I will have to start making the list and get out to the shops before 1700 people descend on tesco panic buying powerade etc.

I went out for just a 3 mile walk last night as I had not done anything the previous 3 days and judging by the handfull of people out walking, I think most people are well on the way to winding down. I have suggested to our team captain that it might be a good idea to to go out for a few beers on Friday night as a team building exercise but he is having none of it - never mind.

My only tip for today is get your toe nails cut!

Right a few things to do around the house today and then I must start making that list. Oh and despite the poor England performances so far, I am looking forward to the England game tomorrow. But as a friend said to me after the last game, England's performance wasn't just bad, A paper-cut on my bell-end is bad and England were worse than that. Left me wondering what he was doing with the paper....


  1. Looking like it's going to be a hot day, I was hoping it would be cold and raining. Good luck on Saturday. Have you got any target time your hoping to complete it in. John

  2. Thanks for the reminder on the toe nails, I've been meaning to chop mine for weeks but keep forgetting. I'l try & remember tomorrow (probably need a chainsaw to cut mine now though). You sound as prepared as me. I usually get up around 5am on the day searching the house for all me gear and bits that I need, then leave a shopping list for someone to go and buy the food on the day (that's a good tip for everyone, then you don't have to pay).

  3. That really is a top tip, but would all the bananas have been snapped up earlier in the week?