Thursday, June 24, 2010

Less than 48 hours to go

I have spent the last day relaxing and catching up on a few jobs that needed doing at home. I went out yesterday and helped Sally deliver some road closure leaflets along the Douglas to Peel Road and then popped into the Crosby for some lunch. In the afternoon I watched a much better performance form the England team as they progressed through to the knock out stages. It looked like the other players enjoyed playing with John Terry, but in the last game it looked like the only reason the other players wanted him on the team is that they'd know he wasn't back in England ******* their wives. And it's not often that I have something good to say about the USA but they won their game yesterday ensuring England's next game is on Sunday afternoon rather than during the Parish Walk.

I then played football in the garden with my 8 year old son Max but on this occasion I treated it more like a friendly, concentrating on staying injury free rather than going all out for the victory.

I went down to the Parish Walk 50 year celebration last night and got a few last minute tips. Well done to Graham Young for organising an excellent and enjoyable event. I did get a few stern looks from my team mates when I pitched up with a pint in my hand but they will be pleased to know that I am now officially abstaining till after the walk. It was interesting to hear from the participants of the event in 1960 what kit they had but I did pick up a few tips - my list now consists of sandwiches, a butty bag and a pac-a-mac.


  1. Best of luck tommorow Dave.

    See you on the day

    Tony (Bernie's Dad)

  2. Cheers Tony. Good luck to you too.