Saturday, June 12, 2010

Only two weeks to go.

Unfortunately I never made it out for a walk on Thursday but instead I did get out yesterday for a 9 mile walk around Baldwin. I managed to clock up one of my fastest times so some good must be coming of all this training! I did see for the first time Irene Taggart (12 times P.W. finisher, fastest time 20 hours 16 mins 57 s) out walking yesterday so the Parish Walk must be getting near.

Other than walking, I went up to Ballaugh Bridge to watch the Senior TT with Max and Zac. It was a good spot with the riders jumping over the bridge and The Raven pub right next to me. After the race was stopped, we went to watch the rerun of the race from the bottom of Bray Hill. I worked up a bit of a thirst during the 9 mile walk yesterday evening (look away now Dave Mackey!) so I went out on our post TT night out from work for a few drinks. I did walk home after, which added a couple of miles on to my tally but judging by the way some people were zig zagging up the road, I should have had a couple more drinks to make it a 3 or 4 mile walk home.

I think some football game is due to start any minute.

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